Jasper Library Board Meeting

Dr. Karin Gray was honored with a moment of silence in the Thursday afternoon Jasper Library Board meeting.

Gray passed away on March 23 rd  after a long battle with cancer.  She had been a member of the Jasper Library Board for 8 years and was in the final year of her term.  The Board affirmed that the open position has to be filled by the County Commissioners.

The board worked through some issues facing them including sourcing new tables and chairs for use in the Annex building through a local business.  Library Board President Bill Hewitt looked into the option of purchasing tables and chairs from Sam’s Club in Evansville, but found that the surface of the tables were not conducive to write on even though they were priced competitively.

Hewitt expects to have final pricing and recommendations at next months’ meeting.

The board also passed a stricter ordinance that bans all smoking on library property including the new electronic cigarettes.  Both the Contractual and Jasper Boards passed the same ordinance with all Board Members voting in favor of it with the exception of Dean Vonderheide.

The board also discussed the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is commonly known and the effect it will have on part time employees.

After the meeting, we spoke with Library Board Attorney Bill Shaneyfelt on the topic:

Bill Shaneyfelt

Shaneyfelt represents a number of organizations in the County including the Jasper Library Board and the Town of Ferdinand that are facing challenges due to the Affordable Care Act implementation.

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