Jasper City Public Workshop UPDATED

Around 150 people attended the Public Workshop held by the City of Jasper on the development plans for the City Tuesday at 5:30 pm.

The event was set up by the City to gather public input about plans for what is known as the City of Jasper Downtown Riverfront Master Plan. Officials were actually caught off-guard by the number of people who came, evidenced by the fact that they had to bring in more chairs and tables.

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz was pleased with the turnout:

Mayor Seitz

The Workshop featured a PowerPoint presentation by Alberts and Gamble that framed the issues.

We spoke with both Alberts and Gamble about the event. Alberts says that Jasper is an unusual candidate for this type of effort simply because of the size:

Barry Alberts

Gamble says his business is in Boston, but he grew up in a small town in Ohio, so he understands the dynamics of a small community:

David Gamble 1

Gamble talked about the overall positive response to what was being presented:

David Gamble 2

Seitz says that Gamble and Alberts have their work cut out for them in determining which way to go with the information:

Mayor Seitz 2

The City is awaiting a report from Gamble and City Visions, which Seitz says will be delivered by June.

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