Jasper City Council Meeting

The Jasper City Council met Wednesday night and passed four ordinances.  Two of them to vacate public utilities, easements and rights of way and one to increase fees for repairing rights of way cuts recommended by the Board of Public Works & Safety.

The fourth was to appropriate additional funding to use the Local Police Continuing Education funds to purchase a police vehicle and computers.

Police Chief Michael Bennett presented the request to the Council stating that he needed the money to purchase a new police vehicle in the amount of $24,904.00 from Sternberg Automotive Group, and then around $13,000.00 to purchase 5 new desktop computers and five additional licenses of Microsoft Office.  He asked the council for a total of $40,000.00 and the council approved the appropriation.

Utility General Manager Bud Hauersperger gave an update on the Utility Service Board Meeting from Monday night, which we reported on in our Tuesday newscasts.

The Council invited Dubois Strong Interim President Michael Cummings to provide an update on the current activities and priorities of the economic development organization.

Finally, the Council heard an update from Mayor Terry Seitz on the Downtown Jasper Master Plan and Jasper Country Club planning advisory group.  He talked about the important activities that are coming up from the hiring of City Visions and Gamble Associates in development of the downtown area.  We spoke with Seitz after the meeting and he said, ” City Visions is here on Thursday and Friday this week. Returning on April 2nd and 3rd and they are starting to do some stakeholder interviews…now they’re going to be also kind of combining their time between the downtown Jasper master plan and the potential build-out of the Jasper County Club golf course property and the area surrounding that.”

Seitz reports that the downtown area and the golf course development are two different projects with similar parallel interests.

We asked Seitz when the City is going to close on the golf course property and he said that the middle of April is looking like the time frame for the closing.

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