Jasper City Council Meeting Feb 20th

It was a Jasper City Council meeting that took less than 20 minutes to complete Wednesday night.

After the roll was called, the pledge to the American flag was recited and the minutes approved from two previous meetings, there were only two items left on the agenda.

The first was an update from Utility General Manager Bud Hauersperger.  Among the items he reported to the Council, the street light updates and power capacity payments were the biggest on the list.

Hauersperger talks about the lights around the square that need attention due to excessive aging from constant exposure to the elements, and said that they have some new lights up to see how they look and will work with the existing fixtures in anticipation of getting them all replaced soon.

Hauersperger also talked about the power capacity payments that the Jasper Power Plant can generate by keeping the plant operational while the City and Jay Catasein are waiting on the litigation by Healthy Dubois County to be settled.

He says that indicators are such that electricity rates will probably be going up by 2016 due to higher demand and lower electricity generating from plants that will be closing due to the excessive pressure to stop burning coal.  The payments are a help to the City:

Finally, Mayor Terry Seitz presented an application for a gas contractor’s license to the council, which was submitted by Zachary Leinenbach with Leinenbach Heating and Cooling.  Leinenbach passed the contractor’s test with a score of 94%.  The minimum score needed is 70%.  The Council passed the application request.

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