Jasper City Council Meeting

The Jasper City Council met last night and heard an update from Utility General Manager Bud Hauersperger, who presented the statement from USB President Wayne Schuetter of his response to the article written by Dr. Kristin Shrader-Frechette of Notre Dame University, which makes arguments for the “categorical condemnation of biomass incineration.”

Also in the meeting, Hauersperger brought up the situation with the Beaver Lake Dam and the water levels at the lake since the completion of the new spillway.  He reiterated the USB stance that the water levels would continue to be monitored the rest of this year to try to find a reason that the levels appear to be lower in some areas than others.

The Council completed the task of reviewing those businesses in Jasper that have applied for property tax abatements based on growth and expansion.

Indiana Furniture Industries, Meyer Distributing and Stens passed with an “in compliance” status.  Braun Family Properties was also examined but due to a question about differences in salary amounts, the motion for “in compliance” or “out of compliance” was tabled until more information could be gathered.  The Council will take it up at the next meeting.

Finally, the Council passed 4 ordinances.

  • First was for additional appropriations for the EDIT fund and the storm water Management Fund.
  • Second – to add the Pro-shop and ‘Ranger – licensed’ position and rate of pay to the salary ordinance.
  • Third – add the expense of “wholesale purchase of beer and wine for retail resale purchases” to the list of items that can be paid prior to board approval.

Those two items pertain to the sales of alcohol on the City golf courses.

  • Fourth – a refundable cooler deposit fee of $10.00 for the golf courses and a fee for the Monon ride and dine train excursion.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Seitz asked for any other items from the Council and Councilman Tom Schmitt asked why there has not been any movement on the Jasper Cabinet building along the Patoka River.  He stated that the approval has been given to the owner to start on the building, but asked “why doesn’t he start?” No answer was given from the other members or Mayor Seitz.

Schmitt also asked if anyone knew why the re-surfacing of 231 in Jasper has not yet started.  He was told that the project is supposed to begin after Memorial Day weekend.  His opinion on the project is that the City has been promised that it would get done starting last fall, but he has seen very little movement other than signs along the route.

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