Jasper City Council meeting

From the Dubois County Free Press:

An upset couple appealed to the city council about a 2400 square foot building being constructed on a property adjacent to their own along 36th Street.

Jerry and Ann Hilgefort own a lot adjacent to 327 E. 36th Street and have broke ground on a new home. The homeowner at 327 E. 36th Street plans on building a large garage that the Hilgeforts state will greatly affect the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

The other homeowner requested a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals for the original 120 x 30 building due to it being too close to the property line. The plans for the original building included a five car garage with a 30 x 30 wood shop.  The Board of Zoning Appeals denied the request. In response, the homeowner reduced the size of the building to 80 x 30 and was able to procure a building permit without the necessity of a variance.

Under current zoning ordinances the homeowner is completely in his right to build the large building. Mayor Terry Seitz acknowledged the Hilgeforts’ concerns but stated the council could take no action in regards to the new building. He told the Hilgeforts the city is preparing to begin the review of the city’s current zoning ordinances but, due to the extensive process involved, no changes were expected to take place until 2014.  Following the meeting, Mayor Seitz offered these comments…

Mayor Seitz

The Hilgefort’s had appealed to the council to take their situation into consideration as the city begins to review the zoning ordinances.

The council also took the following actions.

Reviewed the compliance statements from Kimball Hospitality and Kimball Furniture Group for the tax abatement they were granted in 2012. Abatements are reviewed annually to ensure the company is within compliance. The council confirmed the companies were in compliance.


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