Huntingburg City Council Meeting

The Huntingburg City Council met for their final meeting of February and heard from Lisa Gehlhausen of Region 15 on the beginning stages of forming a downtown redevelopment plan for the City.

Gehlhausen told the Council that, if they pass a resolution to authorize the plan, she would begin the process of getting a $40,000.00 grant to help with the project.  She reports that the City has already had a visit from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) and determined that the need is legitimate.

Gehlhausen gives a brief overview of the process:

The project will go from 3 rd  Street to 5 th  Streets and from Geiger to Van Buren Streets and was passed by the council.

Mayor Spinner talked about the plan and what it will mean for the City:

Also in the meeting, the Council passed an ordinance creating a City Tree Board:

Spinner says the City brought in an urban forester who performed a tree study and recommended that the City create a tree committee. The Council took the action of creating a five-member committee and will be asking local citizens to give input to the committee on the trees.

Next, both Utility Superintendents – John Reutepohler and Tony Traylor –  asked the Council to approve requests to add part time seasonal employees to their departments to help with temporary work during the summer months in both departments.  Spinner says that due to the Affordable Care Act, they have to restrict the hours of the part timers to less than 30 hours per week or risk having to offer benefits to them:

The Council passed the request.

City Treasurer Tom Dippel presented to the Council the annual bad debt write off that is due to non-collectable utility payments from those who move and cannot be located to pay final utility bills.  The city is stuck with them and has to write off them each year.  This year’s write off amount is $16,871.43.  The Council approved the action.

Finally, City Attorney Phil Schneider presented an ordinance to make changes to the City Police Department.  The ordinance added the Assistant Chief of Police position and removed the Sergeant position, which was rolled into the role of Detective Sergeant.  The ordinance passed.

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