Huntingburg City Council Meeting

The City of Huntingburg is about to embark on an exciting time of positive changes.  In Thursday night’s Huntingburg City Council, the members heard a presentation by City Redevelopment Director Rich Hazelwood that the City is ready to take steps that give a clear path for four major projects.

The first is the train overpass.  The City already presented the fact that the overpass has been approved, in concept, by the Indiana Department of Transportation and Indiana Government leaders.  Now the City must come up with a plan on how to pay for their portion of the project.  The County has told the City that they will provide some funding for the project.

The City is now waiting the hiring of a project management company to determine exactly where the overpass will be constructed and how it will intersect with other streets and roads in the City.

The next three projects are buildings that the City needs due to growth.  They include the Police Department, the Fire Department and the Street Department.  The Council listened as Police Chief Art Parks, Fire Chief Scott Patberg and Street Superintendent Jason Stamm told about their department’s needs to expand due to running out of space.

After the presentations were completed, Mayor Denny Spinner asked for a motion to pass two resolutions.  The first was for the Northwest Industrial Economic Development area and the second was for the Industrial Park, West Economic Development area.

The City is targeting these two areas for development of facilities.  After the meeting, Mayor Denny Spinner explained what it all means by saying:

Mayor Spinner

Spinner reminds everyone that these resolutions do not mean that construction will begin on any new buildings for the City, but they just pave the way for them to be approved as future projects by the City.

Also in the Thursday night meeting, the Council heard from Dave Buse with Perry Spencer Communications on the tower agreement with the City.  Buse told the council that they want to install public wireless Internet access at Huntingburg Park that will provide free wireless Internet for those who use the park area.

In order to do that, the Council had to approve the Wi-Fi Agreement to trade out tower space in return for the free wireless access for Huntingburg Park.  The Council passed the measure.

Finally, Scott Patberg presented to the Council his selection of Brad Buechler as the newest member of the Fire Department.  Buechler lives in Huntingburg and was approved by the Council.  He will being by being sworn in at the July 3rd Board of Public Works and Safety meeting and will start training to be a firefighter for the City.

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