Huntingburg City Council Meeting

The Huntingburg City Council held a public hearing during their regular monthly meeting Thursday night, to give the public a chance to give input on the need to replace the Patoka Water Main that feeds the City as the significant water source for not only residents, but businesses as well.

Water Utility Superintendent Tony Traylor talked about the importance of the water supply line for the City and how it helps keep the pressure strong for businesses as well as for use if needed to fight fires.  He said that the City was just “trying to be proactive” in replacing the line now, rather than waiting until a major blow out of the line occurs.

Nathan Held with Indiana Region 15 attended the meeting and talked about the grant that the City is applying for to help pay to replace the big water supply line that enters the City on the east side.

Held says that the $500,000.00 grant they are applying for comes from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA as it is also known) and they have a due date of May 31st to submit their application.  He says public support is strong for the project:

Nathan Held

Part of the application process includes holding hearings to allow public input and gauge residents’ attitudes about the importance of the water main to the City.

Nick Jahn of VS Engineering told the Council that this is “more than just a corroded pipe” that needs to be replaced – the stability of the water main is necessary for the City to maintain its fire insurance rating, which keeps insurance rates low.

The final public hearing will be held on Tuesday, May 28th and the time will be announced later.

Finally, the new Communications and Community Development Director was introduced to the Council.  Rachel Steckler has joined the City of Huntingburg and will begin her new duties on Monday  in that position.

Steckler is a former Memorial Hospital employee and said that she became aware of the need for the position during the City listening sessions:

Rachel Steckler

Steckler is a 2007 graduate from Indiana State University with a degree in communications.  She and her husband live in Huntingburg.

The Council passed the creation of the position in last month’s meeting and Mayor Spinner offered the job to Steckler after considering other candidates as well.

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