Huntingburg City Council Meeting

The three major items at the Huntingburg Common Council meeting Thursday night included passing an ordinance for additional appropriation of $150,000.00 from the Riverboat fund to the new EMS building that the City of Huntingburg is renovating.

Energy Superintendent John Reutepohler took on the job of managing the renovation project last month and says that everything is going smoothly and that he estimates the cost of the project to come in around $135,000.00.

Reutepohler said he is documenting each stage of the project and that the in-house labor by City employees will be tracked and reimbursed from the appropriation.


Mayor Spinner also presented the resolution authorizing the Transit Grant Application to help fund the Huntingburg Transit Van program.  Spinner says the grant is essential to the on-going operations of the van and the service it provides to area residents.


Next, the council had an extended discussion on the topic of the proposed Animal Control Ordinance, which would add much more detail to the existing ordinance and would allow council members to approve of a local couple keeping a Vietnamese Potbelly pig as a pet.

The council discussed some of the finer details of the ordinance and identified several areas where clarification is needed.  The ordinance will be re-worked by city attorney Phil Schneider and presented at the next meeting.

In the meantime, Mayor Spinner said that the existing ordinance barring agricultural animals in the city limits would be stayed until the council has passed the new and improved version of the law.

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