Huntingburg City Council Greets New K-9 Officer

The Huntingburg City Council was introduced to the newest officer on the Huntingburg Police Department during their first monthly meeting last night.

Canine officer Ester is a full-bred German Shepherd, trained to detect drugs.

Ester is 2 years old and is very active.  Officer Josh Hemmer is the dogs’ partner and caregiver and said, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hemmer approached the department with the possibility of getting a K-9 officer.

Police Chief Art Parks says that the cost for the training for Ester and Officer Hemmer was $8,000.00. Modifications to Hemmer’s police vehicle was around $3,600.00.

Parks says that with donations and city of Huntingburg contributions towards the dog, they have no unpaid costs. He said what’s left in the fund will be used for on-going care of the animal. Parks thanked those who donated towards the effort.

Hemmer said he was in training for 4 weeks. He said that Ester would be “a great asset to our community.”

Those who trained Ester said that she is one of the best trained canine dogs they’ve ever seen.

Hemmer said that Ester is certified and that he and the dog started working on the streets Saturday night.

Parks said that Ester will work in the department for between 7 and 9 years.


In other actions:

  • In an update on the Fairmount Cemetery finances, the council listened while President Roger Niehaus and Alan Nass talked about the financial status of Fairmount Cemetery, and how they are running short of money for upkeep and maintenance. The council allocated $2,000.00 from EDIT funds to assist with the costs with the understanding that the Fairmount Cemetery Board is working on a way to sustain income to address the need going forward. Councilwoman Linda Summers recommended setting up a Friends of Fairmount fund to which donations can be made, both men assured her that they would address that idea with the board.
  • Ordinance 2015-32 was adopted by the council which integrates small lot subdivisions into the Huntingburg municipal code. The current code regulates only traditional and large subdivisions. With the construction of the new Hunter’s Crossing subdivision, Planning Director Paul Lake told the council that they needed to make the addition to the code, which sets up requirements for subdivisions the size of Hunter’s Crossing. The council passed the ordinance.
  • The council set a date of November 19, 2015 at 7:30 pm, for the informational meeting on the wastewater force main project.

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