Huntingburg Board of Works & Safety Shows Compassion to Local Resident

The Huntingburg Board of Public Works & Safety showed compassion this morning to a local family dealing with poor living conditions in the city limits.

The City has been on a mission in the last year or so to demolish blighted homes in the City that pose a public hazard.  Since the code enforcement efforts have been stepped up, the City has demolished 4 houses.

The Home at 413 N. Jackson Street was slated to be demolished this month after the family vacated, but the board heard from the resident Melissa Salinas on a request to hold off on demolition saying that the property is being sold to a local contractor who will tear it down.

The board told Salinas that they are concerned for the health and well being of her family after hearing that the conditions in the house include backed up sewage in the basement of the home – and other poor living conditions enumerated by code enforcement officer Steve Collett and Fire Department Chief Scott Patberg during a hearing at the board meeting.

Salinas assured the board that the family is moving out very soon into better housing.

Mayor Denny Spinner made a motion to delay the City action of forcing the family out by giving an additional 30 days to vacate, then the demolition would move forward in February if the existing contractor does not come through.

The City is moving forward to demolish another house that has already been condemned and vacated by the occupant.

The house as 406 East 1st Avenue will be torn down by the City Street Department this month as part of the actions by the City to clean up blighted properties.

Spinner says that they are not needlessly removing families, but that the City is working with them at all levels:

Spinner says that the Huntingburg Fund, announced earlier this week, is helping to assist families in these situations to address their most urgent needs, including housing.

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