Huntingburg Board of Public Works & Safety

The Huntingburg Board of Public Works & Safety met this (Thursday) morning and heard from Huntingburg Police Chief Art Parks who says that incidents of burglaries and break-ins are in the increase in the City.

While Parks did not have specifics on how much of an increase in percentage there has been, he says he thinks its due to a general overall increase due to a younger demographic that gets ‘cabin fever’ during this time of the year and the yearning to get out and do something.

Parks also says that Huntingburg isn’t the only City that is seeing an increase…others are reporting higher statistics in burglaries as well.

Also in the meeting, Parks asked the board to approve a new Police Officer for his department.  He presented Josh Hemmer to the board.  Hemmer is currently the Holland Town Marshall.

Parks said that this move brings his department up to 11 officers.  Hemmer will submit his resignation to Holland Town Council today.

Meanwhile, Holland Town Council President Tom Thacker told WITZ News after the meeting that they “will most likely replace Hemmer, but with a part time officer.”  He said that he has no clear date on when another Marshall will be added to the Town.

The Board passed the request to hire Hemmer.  He now goes to the Police Training Academy in Plainfield and will be ready to get into a patrol car in Huntingburg in July.

Also in the meeting, City Attorney Phil Schneider announced that the City has received a payment for the demolition of the house on South Geiger Street from the owner of the property at just over $6,000.00.  The reimbursement covers the demolition and administrative costs.

Mayor Denny Spinner told the Board that the money goes directly back into the Unsafe Building fund, which will be used to handle other distressed properties in the City.

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