Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety Meeting

Two swearing in ceremonies were held during the Huntingburg Board of Public Works & Safety meeting this morning.

Brad Buechler was hired and approved at the last Huntingburg City Council meeting as the newest volunteer fire fighter.

Scott Patberg presented the Huntingburg Council his selection of Brad Buechler on June 27th as his choice for new fire fighter for the Fire Department.  Buechler lives in Huntingburg and was approved by the Council.  He will begin training to be a firefighter for the City immediately.

He was sworn in this morning by City Clerk-Treasurer Tom Dippel.  Dippel also swore in a new Lieutenant in the Department, Officer Tim Mullen.  Mullen replaces Paul Lehr who stepped down from the position citing personal issues.

Police Chief Art Parks said of Mullen, “he’s done an outstanding job. He exceeds in a lot of different categories.”

The Police Department has two shifts and Parks said that Mullen will be over one of those shifts and will be responsible for the scheduling and training of officers on that shift.

Mullen said during an interview afterwards,  “I do a host of different jobs already. I’m a defensive tactics instructor. So I do several things already. It’s going to be a great opportunity and I appreciate the Mayor, and Chief Parks and Captain Bowman’s confidence in me to be able to step up and take this job.”

Mullen’s promotion takes effect immediately.

Parks also announced that new hire Josh Hemmer is close to finishing up his training at the Academy in Plainfield, but he got sick and missed about a week of training.

Parks says that Hemmer will graduate with the other officers July 12th, but will have to go back and complete the part of the training that he missed.

Once he is done, Hemmer will be on a floating schedule to help fill in for holidays, vacations and other needs within the department.  Parks says he really needs two of those types of officers to fulfill that role, but Hemmer will be the only one to perform that role for now.

One Hemmer spends time with other officers in the field and learns the paper work, he will be issued his own vehicle.  That should take place sometime in the first part of August.

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