Healthy Dubois County Responds

Officials with Healthy Dubois County have responded to the Jasper Utility Service Board President Wayne Schuetter’s statement released Monday night at the Utility Service Board meeting.  Here is the text of the response by Healthy Dubois County in its entirety for you to read:

05-20-13 Statement on Jasper Clean Energy Center Project

Here’s the text of our story:

Healthy Dubois County has sent in a response to the statement by Jasper Utility Service Board President Wayne Schuetter in Monday night’s Board meeting.

Schuetter stated: It should be noted that, by the authors’ own admission, the article is a commentary, not a scientific study. Therefore, the conclusions of the article are the opinions of the authors.

Healthy Dubois County says that Dr. Shrader-Frechette “clearly states that any proposal needs to address the concerns of the Massachusetts Medical Society in its categorical condemnation of biomass incineration. This organization of 24,000 physicians owns and operates The New England Journal of Medicine for the past 200 years.  The City’s failure to see the significance of this landmark document as well as its failure to mention it (Monday night) illustrates its willingness to further pollute an area in nonattainment for seven years.  It also fails to mention that ultrafines are not regulated nor is there any safe dose, making any current regulatory action an any lease limitations ineffective to protect the public against ultrafines.”

Healthy Dubois County is suing to stop development of the Power Plant based on the charge that the City of Jasper used closed-door meetings to make decisions about the lease of the Power Plant with Twisted Oak Corporation that should have been open to the public.

In their final statement Healthy Dubois County says, “Mr. Schuetter and the City continue to maintain that they are focusing on the facts and the opponents are focusing on emotion. Twenty Four Thousand Doctors oppose biomass combustion.  We continue to oppose this  plant at all levels, from its effects on health to how it was brought forth through City government.”

The re-trying of the case will go to court on January 14 and 15 2014 in Dubois County Court under Special Judge Sherry Gregg Gilmore.

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