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HEADLINES: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Here are the latest headlines from WITZ / WQKZ Radio News for Thursday, February 14, 2017


Dubois Man Arrested on Domestic Battery Charges

JASPER – A Jasper man was arrested over the weekend on charges that he battered a woman with a vacuum cleaner.

Police say Chad Taylor, 31 of Jasper, threw the vacuum at the victim during an argument; hitting her in the face.

Taylor was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

He’s lodged in the Dubois County Security Center.


Traffic Stop Leads to Meth Bust on I69

DUBOIS COUNTY – A state trooper, patrolling I69 at the Ferdinand exit made a meth bust during a traffic stop Sunday.

Police say the suspect, Bradley Heichelbeck, 37 of Ft. Branch was breaking several traffic laws before he was pulled over.

Troopers scensed something wasn’t right, so a K9 was brought in to do a sweep of the car for drugs.  The dog got a hit and the vechile was search.

Police found over 2 grams of methamphetamine and hypodermic needles.

He’s charged with possession of the drugs and needles, as well as maintaining a common nuisance; all felonies.


I69 Completion Date Pushed to 2018

INDIANAPOLIS — INDOT and the Indiana Finance Authority say there’s a new completion date for the Bloomington-to-Martinsville stretch of I-69: May 31, 2018. The project was originally supposed to be finished in October 2017.

INDOT and the IFA have also pledged to have four lanes of I-69 open to traffic in August of this year.


Indiana Could Join 17 Others in Taking DNA From Arrested Felons

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana could join 17 states which take D-N-A samples from anyone arrested for a felony.

Indiana uploads D-N-A from convicted felons to a national database. When police have D-N-A in an unsolved case, they cross-check every week to see if there’s a match.

Jayann Sepich with the lobbying group D-N-A Saves says police would find hundreds more matches if they took those samples at the start of the process — and would prevent hundreds of rapes and murders which happen while those suspects are still unidentified. A House committee unanimously endorsed the change Monday.

Sepich founded D-N-A Saves after her daughter was murdered in her home state of New Mexico. She says the first felon booked after a change to on-arrest sampling matched a double murder.

Former Greene County Prosecutor David Powell says a double murder there could have been prevented by D-N-A. A sample taken after the killer committed suicide revealed he’d committed eight rapes across southern Indiana, from Mitchell to Evansville, and could have been jailed for any of them before the murders if his D-N-A from an earlier arrest had been on file.

A Senate committee will consider a similar bill Wednesday.


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