Hacker Accepts Superintendent Position in Greene County

The Greene County Daily World reported Thursday morning that Greater Jasper Assistant Superintendent Bob Hacker is leaving to take the position of Superintendent in Greene County at White River Valley.

Hacker Tells Why He is Leaving the Jasper School System:

Bob Hacker 1

That’s Greater Jasper School Assistant Superintendent Bob Hacker on why he has accepted the Superintendent position at White River Valley School District in Greene County.

The White River Valley Board of School Trustees made the decision to offer the job to Hacker Wednesday afternoon, to lead the Greene County School District.

In an exclusive interview, he talks to WITZ News about the position at White River Valley that will put him back into close contact with students and teachers alike:

Bob Hacker 2

Hacker says that it was hard to make the decision to leave:

Bob Hacker 3

Hacker also said that some of his most difficult learning times will come as he deals with the school budget and the financial challenges that face all superintendents in all school districts.

The position begins July 1 st for Hacker and the Jasper School Board will begin the process of replacing him right away.

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