First Fundraising Goal Met for Astra Theater Purchase

It’s taken a year, but the non-profit group The Next Act announced this (Tuesday) morning in the Astra Theater in downtown Jasper that they have reached their first goal of raising enough money to purchase the Astra Theater, and fund monthly utility expenses.

The entire Next Act board was present at the event, where board chair person, Leslie Buse-Hamby made the announcement that the goal has been met.

She read off the list of corporate and individual donors to the project.

Then, in a surprise, announced that the stage would be named after Jim and Pat Thyen, who donated $100,000 to the project.

Steczyk said that a special plaque would be attached to the front of the stage with their names on it.

We spoke with Steczyk after the announcement and asked what he was feeling compared to a year ago:


He tells where $500,000.00 in donations they’ve received will go from here:


Steczyk says that the next step is to go to the public to continue to raise money for renovations to the facility. The goal is to have the facility renovated to be able to handle performances on a regular basis, at which time, the Jasper Community Arts Center will assume responsibility for the management of the theater.

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