Ferdinand Town Council Meeting

The Ferdinand Council met Tuesday night for their regular monthly meeting.  During departmental reports, Police Chief Ted Bieker asked the Council if he could begin the selection process for his open position in the department.  The opening came about due to the sudden resignation and departure of officer Donna Abrams last month.

Bieker reports that he needs to get a replacement on the force as soon as possible because being down one officer in at department as small as Ferdinand puts an undue burden on the remaining officers:

The Council approved his request.

Parks Department Superintendent Scott Tretter asked the Council for permission to begin the search for part time seasonal summer help.  The request comes at a time that the Council is considering hiring policies in light of the Affordable Care Act law implementation coming in 2014.

Afterward, Town Council President Ken Sicard talked about the requirements for municipalities and how the new Health Care law will affect Ferdinand:

Town Manager Marc Steczyk reports that the pedestrian / bicycle trail project is moving forward with Strand being the contractor approved to handle the construction plan inspections.  The Council approved the contract with Strand to complete the work.

Town Attorney Bill Shaneyfelt reports that the Old Police Station building is still up for bid, but that there is nothing new to report.  The chance to submit bids will be closed by the next meeting and they will be reviewed by the Council.

Steczyk reports that he is looking into a 10 Watt AM radio transmitter that would be placed at the south end of the town that could be tuned in by tourists traveling through the area to alert them to the various attractions in Ferdinand.

Finally, the Town held an additional appropriation hearing for the Park fund to pull from the 2012 budget $95,000.00 to go into the 2013 budget so that the unused funds can be used this year.

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