Ferdinand Town Council Meeting

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday night for their monthly meeting and Town Manager Chris James reports that work continues on the Phosphorus project.

He says that the project is still moving ahead with multi-layered approach to get the project completed. James says that trees are going to be marked for removal for the drying beds but those trees will be identified and eventually cut down and put up for bid.

James reports that the Rural Development loan process is on-going to help pay for the project.

The Town Council also addressed the cell phone tower and the complaints that have come in from residents around the property.  The council said in previous meetings that if a cell phone tower were to be constructed on property on the north side of Ferdinand, the contractor would be required to follow Town ordinances, including having enough land for the tower to fall onto, without infringing on other property.

Also, the council heard that Best Home Furnishings has or is going to file an objection to the cell phone tower.  Best Home has a jet at the Huntingburg Airport, and could potentially be affected by flights into and out of the airport if the cell phone tower is constructed.

The Dubois County Airport Authority Board has already filed an official objection with the FAA over the cell phone tower saying that it’s too close to the landing path from the east, and therefore presents a danger to flights into and out of the airport.

Finally, James said that Best Home Furnishings has begun the process of re-routing 12 ½ acres of storm water on their property into a large water retaining basin.  The retaining pond will have an outlet that is directed to a different ditch, which should help prevent excess water runoff from affecting properties downstream.

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