February 19th Jasper Utility Service Board Meeting

The Jasper Utility Service Board met Monday night and heard updates from all departments, including the Gas & Water Department during which, Manager Mike Oeding gave an update on Beaver Lake and the water levels.
Oeding reports that the lake is almost completely filled. Oeding says that with normal Spring rains it should be ready for summer activities.

Oeding also gave an update on the 3rd Avenue water main project.  He says that they are replacing an 8 in water main with a 12 inch main to help with additional capacity needs in the future.  Oeding says that they are hoping to start the project as soon as the weather cooperates to have it done by in time for the Street Department to fix the pavement before fall weather sets in.

The board also got quotes on:

A 4×4 Pickup with Utility Body for the Electric Distribution Department from:
• Luegers: GMC Sierra $36,399.00 including trade-in
• Ruxer: Ford F250 Base:  $34,449.00 Trade $2,000.00 Net: $32,449.00
• Uebelhor: Chevy K2500 Base: $39,080.00 Trade $2,500.00 Net: $36,580.00

A Methane Gas Leak Detector for the Gas and Water Department from Sense it Technologies for $8,474.00.

Shoring equipment for the Gas & Water Department from Trench Shoring Services, Pittsburgh for $14,110.00.
All quotes were taken under advisement by the Department Managers, for further review.

Jasper City outside attorney Bill Kaiser reported to the board that the lease on the Heidorn property with Jasper Clean Energy is moving slowly due to the delay in the power plant conversion to burn Miscanthus Grass and Natural Gas.  Kaiser says that the property lease could eventually be worked into the main lease on the power plant.

Kaiser also represents Alpine Investments owned by the Hanselman family who just purchased the golf course clubhouse building and property surrounding it.  The Hanselman’s will use the building to create a large banquet facility and it needs a new sewer line to accommodate the plans for the property. Kaiser reported to the board that the issue of the sewer line is not yet settled.
Kaiser said he would return next month when there was something of substance to present.

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