Farbest Begins Production This Month in Vincennes

The new Farbest Foods Production facility in Knox County starts up this month after construction was completed on the new manufacturing site in the Vincennes Industrial Park.

The new plant was announced in December 2011 and groundbreaking took place in August of 2012.

The 227,000 square foot plant will house the new processing plant along with a feed mill, which was constructed nearby.

Company officials say that they will be initially hiring about 360 new workers, but say that number will go up when a second shift is added.

Farbest oversees the growth of its own turkeys – over 10 million per year in Knox and Dubois Counties.  And the company also produces over 1,800 tons of turkey feed each day using corn, soybeans and other agricultural products.

The company ships one million pounds of raw, fresh and frozen turkey products daily to brand name producers in the U.S. and overseas.

The turkey ends up in grocery stores, delis, restaurants, schools and other outlets.

Openings for the jobs can be found on the company website at www.farbest.com under employment.

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