Dubois County Sheriff’s Department Buys New K-9 Deputy

From the Dubois County Free Press:

Thanks to a single large monetary donation, the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department purchased a K-9 last week. The new K-9 Deputy’s name is Judge and is a black Labrador and will join the department in May.

JudgeAccording to Sheriff Donnie Lampert, a few days after he received permission to seek public contributions for the purchase of a new police dog from the County Commissioners a single check for $12,000 was donated, which is the estimated cost of a dog.

Lampert says, “We were asked not to disclose the donors but they are interested in making Dubois County a better county.  It’s incredible.  It really touched our hearts at the department when we received that check.”

The dog comes from Mid-Michigan Kennels.

The Department chose the Labrador for its amiable temperament and intelligence. The department would like the dog to fulfill two roles, drug detection and tracking of lost individuals and fugitives.

Deputy Brad Kendall is the new dog handler for the sheriff’s department. He named the dog “Judge” because he felt the name was appropriate for what it would be doing. Kendall won’t receive the dog until April when Judge moves in with Kendall to become familiar with him.

The Jasper Department has also enjoyed the same generosity in their pursuit to replace their retired dog.

Jasper police officer Adam Bower was given permission to begin soliciting donations for the new dog in December of 2012. . Max, the department’s nine year old Labrador-Shepherd mix, was due to retire that month.

Bower will be taking on the responsibilities as the Jasper Police Department’s new K-9 officer.

Both departments have enjoyed the generosity of residents and businesses in the community, so much so that the dogs’ veterinary, food and grooming costs have been covered by the donations.

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