Dubois County Council Meeting

Dubois County Commissioner Larry Vollmer appeared before the Dubois County Council Monday afternoon and told the council that he wants to address the problem of unreliable emergency sirens and the fact that they have failed to sound twice this year.

But, Vollmer also said that he has gotten complaints from Dubois County emergency personnel who say that the signals for the Dubois County Security Radio system are non-existent in places and in other locales, very difficult to hear.

He’s had enough and wants something done to fix the overall system.  So, he brought in Robert Zoeller from Indianapolis to meet with all of the Fire Chiefs in the county. And after speaking with them and confirming that the problems are real, Zoeller recommended that the County contract with a technology expert on the subject of emergency communications.

Vollmer was given two names by Zoeller and one other from a third party and he sent out Request for Proposals to provide the county with an assessment of the entire emergency communications system.

Volmer says that they chose one of the proposals that came in at $15,000.00, but he asked the Council for $21,000.00 just to make sure that they have enough to accomplish what they want with the assessment.

Council President Greg Kendall made the motion to allocate the funds and the council approved it on a voice vote.

Vollmer said that the contractor, Tulsa Consulting Services, will begin the study in July.

Dubois County Corrections Center Director J.P. Weisheit appeared before the council and told them that due to lower than anticipated income from user fees from offenders who voluntarily enter the program, they are running out of money.

But the county is between a rock and a hard place, because if the non-payment of fees results in the offenders going back to jail, the expenses go up on the jail side.

Jerry Hunefeld moved to approve the budget for the Corrections Center, which starts July 1st.  The Council voted to approve it unanimously.

Finally, I-67 Development Corporation President Hank Menke appeared before the Council to ask for an additional appropriation to assist with the costs of moving the project forward.  The Council voted by consensus to advertise $15,000.00 towards the project.  They appropriated $25,000.00 last year to Menke’s efforts and the council acknowledged the work that Menke and his group have put into the effort.

Appearing with Menke was German American President Mark Schroeder, and Kimball International’s John Kahle.

One thing Menke was challenged with by the council was to obtain contributions from corporations for the efforts as well.  Menke responded that local companies already contribute through support for Dubois Strong – to which the council responded that they do, also.

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