Dubois County Council Hears About Land Issues

The Dubois County Commissioners made an appearance at the County Council meeting Monday afternoon supply an update on the 4H Fairgrounds access road construction.

Commissioner Larry Volmer told the Council that the new access road, which will run off of 50 East and provide an emergency access to the park through the campground will be completed this summer.

Due to increased traffic into and out of the grounds during the 4H Fair and other large events, County Officials have determined that a limited access emergency road is needed to provide a way for emergency vehicles to get in and out of the park quicker than they can now.

Also, Volmer and Highway Superintendent Steve Berg reported to the Council that the Highway Department is running out of space and that facility at the corner of SR 162 and Schnellville road will need to be expanded some time in the future.

Berg says that the difficulty is that none of the landowners adjacent to the Highway Department is willing to sell.  And, the cost of moving the department to another location is prohibitive.

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