Dubois County Corrections Gets Grant Money

A sigh of relief came to the Dubois County Corrections Program last Wednesday as the Department heard from the State of Indiana that they have been approved for a $200,000 grant to assist with funding through the end of the fiscal year – June 30th.

The news was relayed to the Dubois County Commissioners by Judge Mark McConnell Monday during their meeting.

McConnell told WITZ News this (Tuesday) morning that the money can be used for all expenses in running the program, which was facing a deficit of around $130,000 if the grant had not come through.

McConnell said that the one-time grant will help them get through this fiscal year:

The Corrections program has been falling behind in their budget due to higher health care costs of the Corrections Department employees, and to a lesser degree, the inability to collect on the fees from inmates who cannot afford to pay them once they are enrolled in the program.

County Council President Greg Kendall was happy to hear the news about the grant:

Kendall says he’s not against the DC Corrections program, but that:

McConnell says that a permanent fix should be in place by next July to make sure they don’t run into this problem again.

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