Dubois County Commissioners meeting

(Story sourced from the Dubois County Free Press)

The Dubois County Commissioners approved splitting the 20 percent stake Huntingburg has in the railroad overpass scheduled to begin construction in 2016.

The project is funded through a federal highways grant through the Indiana Department of Transportation and local contributing dollars. The federal highway funds will provide for 80 percent of the cost of the project with the 20 percent coming from the lead agency, Huntingburg.

Under the approved interlocal agreement between Huntingburg and the county, the remaining costs associated with the overpass project will be split.

Mayor Denny Spinner commented that the state and federal highway entities were impressed with the cooperation occurring between the county and city prior to approving the funding. This cooperation was important in the approval process.

The preferred corridor for the overpass is an extension of Styline Drive on the west side of Huntingburg.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Commissioner Doug Uebelhor said.

Rich Hazelwood, Planning Director for Huntingburg, is the local project manager for Huntingburg and Audrey Schmitt is the INDOT project manager.

Mayor Spinner mentioned there may be some funding available through Norfolk Southern Corporation, who owns the railroad lines.

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