Drone to Take Pictures and Video of Strassenfest

From the Dubois County Free Press:

New at the Strassenfest this year will be a drone flying overhead to take pictures and video of the event.

Evansville-based Axiom Marketing has been contracted for $2,500 to create an overhead view of the fest while it is in progress. The company will be conducting a remote driven photo shoot using a drone.

The Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety approved the contract at Tuesday’s meeting.

Jasper Mayor Seitz explained that he thought of the idea earlier this week and ran it by CityVisions, the design company contracted to complete the Downtown/Riverfront Plan, and they thought it was a good idea.

The videos and photos will assist the city as it continues to develop the plan for the downtown improvements. According to Seitz, the photos will give the city an overlay of what the booths, attractions, and crowds look like during the fest and assist in future build-outs of the downtown area.

Additionally, the footage can be used for promotional purposes on the website or for commercials broadcast outside the area.

Seitz explained those attending the fest just need to be aware the flyovers will be occurring.

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