DC Commissioners and Council Listen to Survey Results

The Dubois County Commissioners and Council met in a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss the results of the staff satisfaction survey.

The survey was put together by John Siebert, who specializes in them, but he was unable to attend the meeting due to a prior commitment.

The results were a mixed bag of conclusions that included employees who strive for excellence and who are good a balancing work / life and like flexibility of work hours.

The negative included need for more open and honest communications and the need for more human resources and support practices.

The survey results will be used by the council and commissioners to create a better environment in which county employees can continue to excel.

The county does have an excellent benefits plan and the survey shows that satisfaction is high with working for the county.

The survey comes on the heels of recent moves by the county council to give a pay raise to the director of the community corrections program, while other just as worthy employees are allegedly ignored.

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