Buses Ready for New School Year at GJCS

School begins next week for Dubois County Schools and one task that had to be completed over the summer was bus inspections.  The buses passed their inspections with the State Police.

We asked Superintendent Dr. Tracey Lorey of the Jasper School System if the bus routes are ready to go and if there are any  major changes:

Dr Tracey Lorey 1

Lorey tells what the number one priority is when it comes to buses:

Dr Tracey Lorey 2

But, she says that safety requires a good relationship between the school system and the parents:

Dr Tracey Lorey 3

If you have any questions about school bus assignments, call the local school that your child will be attending and ask the principal.

You can hear the rest of this interview on the Jasper School Forum Show this coming Sunday at 11:30 am here on WITZ.

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