Book Suggestion: “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie

One of my personal favorite authors is Agatha Christie. If you’ve never read Agatha Christie before then I suggest giving her a try. You’ll absolutely fall in love. Especially if you’re a fan of mysteries.

The great thing about her work is that the person who committed the crime is never the person you think it is. And there’s nothing profane or vulgar about it. Sure, she writes murder mysteries and whatnot, but you don’t get a full description of all the gore. Its nice to enjoy focusing on the mystery and not on the gory brutal murders that each victim was subjected to. Agatha Christie’s work is pure genius.

The book I’m suggesting for you to read is Murder on the Orient Express. I read this one recently and I enjoyed it a lot. The idea of a murder taking place during the journey on a train was intriguing to me, and I believe that Christie pulled it off very well. I absolutely love this book. And so many others by Agatha Christie as well. She is, as I said, one of my favorite authors!

Give her a try if you haven’t before. Hopefully you’ll love her as much as I do!


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