Big Changes Coming for WITZ

WITZ is making some much needed changes.  We announced last week that the main WITZ FM Studio is going to be renovated beginning July 12th, and will take about a week.  During this time, the AM 990 programs will not be aired – the Dave Ramsey and Rush Limbaugh Shows – instead, we will need to use that Studio to broadcast from while the main Studio is undergoing the remodeling process.

The next big announcement is in regards to Internet broadcasting of our WITZ FM programming. Very soon, we will begin to send our WITZ FM signal over the Internet.

We have gotten many requests to do this, but have found it economically prohibitive.  Now, through an agreement with a company that specializes in Internet radio broadcasting, we will begin to send our programming where it could not be previously reached!

We also have some advertisers who believe in putting WITZ on the Internet, and have agreed to partner with us to cover the costs.

WEB STREAMING of the WITZ Signal will begin very SOON.  Keep listening for the start date to be announced SOON!

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