2016 Elections will be Interesting to Watch

With attention focused on the Jasper City Mayor race, which ended in a tie vote on November 3rd, few are looking forward to 2016.

But, according to the Dubois County Republican party in an email:

One campaign hardly ends before the next begins.

Republican Chair Don Hays says in 2016 Dubois County Republicans will be recruiting candidates for county positions, helping state candidates to raise money, sorting through the many presidential pitches, and preparing to elect 40 Precinct Committeepersons and 15 delegates to the 2016 State Convention in the May Primary.

In addition to the Presidential race and that for Governor of Indiana, the following offices will be on the ballot in 2016:

  • Dubois County Superior Court Judge
  • Dubois County Treasurer
  • Dubois County Surveyor
  • Dubois County Coroner
  • Dubois County Commissioners (2 positions)
  • Dubois County Council At-Large (3 positions)
  • State Representatives for District 63 and 74
  • Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Indiana Attorney General
  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. Congressman 8th District

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