Spring Sports

I am very new at this blogging stuff. I do want to Thank Jim and Crystal from our staff for helping walk the old geezer through the process. I do have a few random thoughts as we come to the close of this school year. During the Spring Sports season I am moving in on the 50 mark as far as Baseball and Softball Broadcasts. This is the only spot in the universe that can happen. I have always found it a fortunate accident to end up in this particular area. Part of it is I do enjoy being able to watch sports and get paid for it. But there are several factors that run deeper here. First of all we have a number of businesses in the area that think supporting the youth in the area is important. We are a business and without the support of the business community there is no broadcasts. Secondly we have many Coaches and Administrators that take countless hours to teach our youth sports. By taking this time it teaches the youth the road to future successes and takes them away from other dangerous activities. Thirdly there is a fan base. In my estimation a fan base for High School Sports better then any anywhere. To have a successful broadcast you have to have several things. You have to have sponser support which we are fortunate to have. It is nice if the teams win and we certainly have a number of winners here. And most important you have to have an audience. If you do not have an audience you soon look to another career. So at this time at the end of the school year just wanted to take a moment to say Thanks! Thanks to our sponsers, Thanks to the Coaches and Players and most of all thanks for listening. To our area graduates Gods blessings, much success and may all your dreams come true

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