Holiday World Has Hit with Thunderbird

04-24-15 by News Director, Jim O’Neal: All the hype leading up to a new attraction tends to get written off as over-the-top promotion. Not so with the Thunderbird, the newest ride at Holiday World. The theme park opens to the public on Saturday, but Thursday belonged to the media and special groups that had the privilege MORE >

Dr. David Gilley on Prostate Health

Listen to the full “Live at 7:05” interview with Dr. David Gilley, Gary Lee and Jim O’Neal on the subject of Prostate Health.  Click on this link to open in a new window.  The audio was edited and is about 39 minutes in length: Dr David Gilley

Spring Sports

I am very new at this blogging stuff. I do want to Thank Jim and Crystal from our staff for helping walk the old geezer through the process. I do have a few random thoughts as we come to the close of this school year. During the Spring Sports season I am moving in on MORE >

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